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Services We Provide

Besides our education, we have other rewarding services for those who want to sink their teeth into worthwhile knowledge of trading. Here is the list of our services ranging from One-on-One mentorship services to delivering trade assistant robots, by which traders can make more profitable trades online via Meta Trader 4 and 5.

One-on-One Mentorship Sessions

Through our rewarding website, traders can make appointments to arrange for One-on-One meetings with our experts to analyze the current trends for commodities, currency pairs, etc.

Group Mentorship Discussions

Our discussion cycles consist of our experts and tutors from one side and ambitious traders and students from another side. On weekly basis, students, tutors, and professionals arrange for gatherings and group meetings, either in person or online (Considering the post Covid-19 era situation) to discuss and analyze the market trends by which they would like to do their trades.

Technology Services

Those who are in need for software installations, operating system installation, or any other technical affairs might ask for the assistance and as we put our customers first, via our software engineers and computer technicians we will address these issues.

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Please feel free to contact us. We’re super happy to talk to you. Feel free to ask anything.
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Why Forexity?

Even the most experienced traders or investors need to keep learning to stay ahead. Forexity, as A1 College Ltd trademark, provides several resources, courses, and webinars to help you better understand its products and services, markets and technology.

In addition, Forexity offers On Demand Learning as a key resource for market participants seeking timely commentary directly from industry professionals on the front lines of today’s fast-pace markets.

Take one of our Forexity’s Academy Courses to explore stocks, options, futures and currency trading, or get up to speed quickly on our online trading tools.

Mission Statement

“To provide online traders with all the essentials they need to achieve maximum profit”

Core Values

Customers Come First. Our overriding commitment is to help traders do their best in retail and professional environments. Respect for capital preservation, confidentiality, and consistent profitability underpins our culture, brand, and behaviors.

Trading Knowledge Should be Independent. Independence means everything to us and is vital for our products and services to be trusted.

Service Matters. We also believe that high-quality technology and support drive better outcomes for customers. Where good evidence is not available, we strive to provide the very best trading wisdom.

Teamwork. We believe that we can achieve more when we work together.

Innovation. In the world of new thoughts and ideas, we can only survive by finding new ways to deliver quality services.

Transparency. Nothing will guarantee the life-long customer relationship but being honest and transparent.


what we have done
  • One-on-One Tutoring Courses

    These courses are designed for receiving the highest knowledge and expertise from the class. This type of class consists of 36 sessions by which beginners can start their trading journey to turn to the professional traders. In addition, they will have access to our rewarding traders’ assisting software package. This course costs $3500 CAD.

  • Group classes

    Our group classes consist of 4 to 8 individuals that consider to be all beginners, and are categorized into 3 different knowledge levels:

    • Classes for Beginner level, for 8 sessions at the cost of $500 CAD.
    • Classes for Intermediate level, for 8 sessions at the cost of $500 CAD.
  • Forexity Webinars

    We offer an extensive program of trader webinars. Watch, listen, and ask questions from your home or office computer as our webinar instructors clearly describe our technology, trading, and markets around the world. Our webinars are also recorded so if you can’t attend a live webinar, you can experience it on demand at your own convenience.

  • Short Videos

    Having best tutors and experts on board, our clients and members receive weekly basis investment tutoring in Forex market, for market analysis, investment strategies, cryptocurrencies, and so on.

  • Classes for Advanced learners

    as name life-time classes, since a companionship with our experts and tutors consider as its definite bonus with no specific deadline for the classes’ sessions. In addition, we will provide a trading assistant software package specifically designed for this level students at the value of $1000 CAD. Overall, this level costs $1500 CAD for students included the above-mentioned software package.

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